Rationale Design

Rationale is a graphic design studio providing world-class expertise in visual identity design, websites, applications, publications, and more.

Designed, edited, and art directed by Rationale for ARCADE

We’ve embraced the changing of the guard, developed new outreach and engagement opportunities and increased the diversity of our dialogues. While retaining the thoughtful discussion that has been the hallmark of our organization for nearly forty years, we are looking forward to finding more ways to enrich the Dialogue on Design through digital, print and in-person connections. 37.2 was created in the spirit of experiencing between here and there.

About ARCADE: ARCADE has been in publication for 40 years, bringing together voices from multiple design disciplines. Consider supporting ARCADE’s mission to reinforce the principle that thoughtful design at every scale of human endeavor improves our quality of life. We could not do it without you. Donate to ARCADE today.’

rationale arcade magazine 37.2 liminal space cover
rationale arcade magazine 37.2 liminal space spreads
rationale arcade magazine 37.2 liminal space spreads