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Designed by Rationale for ARCADE

“In our physical city centers, we regularly encounter artistic and personal expressions as street performances, community engagements (street fairs/ marches), public art, and manifestations of subcultures. These experiences are now similarly presented in the digital world through our participation in the simulated metropolis of online social networks. This ARCADE feature highlights artists, curators, and writers who use these technological platforms—such as Instagram and Tumblr—and emerging technologies— such as VR/AR headsets and immersive content—to carve out digital space for self-expression and community. Ranging from poeticisms, manifesto manifestations, an interview to musings, the works presented in this issue can be understood as contemporary public performances, constructed and shared digitally, that mirror societal issues we regularly encounter in our tangible lives.” —Issue 37.1 feature intro, by editor Leah St. Lawrence

This issue also includes ARCADE’s regular columns covering a wide range of topics related to design, architecture, urbanism, and art seen from a Northwest perspective.

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rationale arcade magazine issue 37.1 cover design
rationale arcade magazine issue 37.1 interior layout designs
rationale arcade magazine issue 37.1 interior layout designs